I linked this top a few weeks ago in my Banana Republic Favorites post. I adore it and finally got around to styling it for a shoot on the blog. I love tops like this for many reasons, but the main selling points for me:

  • Machine Washable
  • Doesn’t Wrinkle
  • Stretchy
  • Laser Cut Detailing
  • Bell Sleeves

Now, on to the lipstick. I have been putting off trying Lipsense forever. Legitimately. I thought it sounded weird and we all know I’m not the biggest fan of multi-level marketing. (My love for Sephora is well documented.) BUT I’ve had so many people ask what I thought about it, so I finally agreed to try it so I could review it for you. Ashley reached out and agreed to send me a few colors that I got to pick- to try and see what I thought. That’s it. No catch. I even told her basically, if I hate this, I’m not going to tell people I like it. LOL. Well thankfully for all parties involved, I did like it!


  • Longwearing – legitimately
  • Tons of Colors
  • My lips felt SUPER hydrated all day long from the gloss.
  • I can kiss my kid (and husband) and no lipstick comes off on those cute chubby toddler cheeks.
  • Confidence ESPECIALLY with bright or dark colors- no worry about fading, feathering, moving, etc!
  • Eating, drinking, talking… nothing makes this color move.


  • It’s a BEAST to remove. It does NOT BUDGE and it takes me a while to get the darker colors off- but I’ve found my waterproof eye makeup remover works quite well. That being said, it’s also a plus because you WANT it to stay on.
  • The gloss isn’t something I’m used to wearing, but they also offer a matte balm type of top coat.
  • You have to keep reapplying the gloss to keep the color in place.
  • Tiny trace amounts of parabens in the product – so not incredibly ideal.

I don’t know if I’d wear it every single day because you do have to keep reapplying gloss to keep the color on, but I will certainly be wearing it in bright colors for events, shoots, etc. Although nationwide Lipsense is going through a shortage, Ashley actually has every color in stock, so hit her up if you want a color you can’t find! This is the color “Shalala” and I looooooove it!

photos: Jacque, Inc.

Shirt (similar) (similar) (similar) | Jeans | Shoes | Necklace (similar) | Scarf | Handbag | Watch | Lips

I’m on this kick to really start pushing people to only buy what they love. Your closet is too small and your budget isn’t unlimited, so I really want to encourage you to only buy what you love. Yes, I know that means looking harder for things and sometimes paying more, both of which stink, but you will be rewarded in the end.

I just wrote a post last week about white denim (specifically my favorite denim under $100) and I wanted to show me actually IN that denim. White jeans are way more versatile than you would think and styled correctly (as with everything) will make you look slimmer. Additionally, you can wear white denim all year round at this point, so consider them a wardrobe staple.

The shoes are a personal favorite and actually came from ShoeDazzle. I find that they’re a perfect balance between wanting something fun but not wanting to pay too much. Now, I just got them this month in preparation for spring and KC Fashion Week, so if I wear them and they fall apart in the next two weeks- I’ll be SURE to let you know. If you want a safer quality bet long term, get these beauties. (They come in every size and are quite comfortable.)

As always, if you need help, I would LOVE to shop for you, with you, or even do a closet clean out! Just send me a message via my contact form here.

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