Photo by Style Me Pretty
Photo by Style Me Pretty

Tomorrow, April 13th, will be my 35th birthday. I know we live in a society that doesn’t like to talk about age, but I have decided to embrace it. Why? Because I want to be completely authentic with you guys. Also, it sucks. Getting older brings so many challenges with it that you don’t even think about. Lest we forget about the ones that spring up out of nowhere (I’m looking at you- white hairs on my temples) or the sudden exhaustion you feel after a quick jaunt up the stairs. HELLO.

But with the bad, comes the good. My patience for my son and my husband has come with age. The disappearing need to fit in with people I may not even like. (Why do we do that, btw?) Now, I am enjoying settling into myself, as it were. Since I had Alexander, I’ve really started to learn who I truly am. The woman I want to be for my husband and son. The role model I want to be for young girls. The friend I want to be for the ladies I love.

I am finally in a place in my life surrounded by love and happiness. I decided to let go of everything negative in my life that I could control (circumstances sometimes, you cannot), and really embrace the love of those around me. In my New Years post, I discussed choosing joy on a daily basis, and it’s been fantastic for my outlook on life. I extend more compassion and grace to those around me than I ever have before- and it feels FANTASTIC. Ask my husband if he has seen a difference in me since I started choosing joy. Spoiler alert- he has, and thinks it’s great.

Now, I am all about sunshine and daisies, but real life- I just ironed my Easter dress with SCOTCH GUARD on accident. No really. I SOMEHOW placed it near the spray starch and ironed half the dress and wondered why it smelled like paint thinner. I look down at the bottle… dun, dun, DUUUUUUUN, it’s Scotch Guard. #faceplam So, if any of you want to randomly throw some dark drink on me this Sunday- make sure it’s the back half of the dress because that sucker is COVERED and ready to repel a myriad of potentially staining liquids.

I am either a genius or just accidentally high from the fumes released while I was ironing that scotch guarded dress. You be the judge.

So I’m choosing to embrace 35 with joy. And a liquid repellent dress. (Which somehow feels like a win.)

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