Dress | Shoes | Earrings (J. Crew sold out)

As many of you might have read last week in my birthday post, I accidentally Scotch Guarded my Easter dress. This sadly is NOT that dress. I opted for something longer because I knew I would be Easter egg hunting and in general attempting to “mom” my toddler constantly all day. Shorter dresses do not lend themselves well to all of the things we do in a day as a mom. This dress is from Asos and I absolutely LOVED it. Not too tight, not too loose. 

The shoes are also only $35!! They’re a lookalike for a much more expensive brand and they also come in black. I loved the look of them but knew they weren’t worth the original price, so these were a lovely compromise. Also, because of the caged design, there isn’t one pressure point on your foot like with a strapped sandal. It’s almost like walking in a heeled boot. (Much easier.)

I almost cropped this picture, but I laughed at the Twilight Turtle and other toddler stuff on the table next to me. We just moved him to a toddler bed, so we yanked this out of his room before bedtime last night. And we obviously haven’t decided where it goes. Apparently, the living room seems like a good idea. 😉 

Ok, so I knew there was zero chance I would get an outfit pic at my parents, we did this first at home. Ian and I then took a quick selfie together before all the insanity started. Then I grabbed my sister Abbie to take a quick picture with my niece Chloe. The second we started the egg hunt and my dad joked about me aerating his lawn with my heels, I changed into flats and ran around in those for the duration of the day. Here are a few shots of our son getting coached from Ian and then heading out to pick up eggs: I totally mom-failed with the camera because he wouldn’t stop moving, so EVERY SHOT is blurry. Isn’t that always the way it goes? Oh well, he had fun with his cousins and I got some Abbie time with my sister. Much needed sister time. Even 10 min together makes me happy. She’s pretty wonderful, and don’t get me started on how adorable my niece is. I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!

So that was my Easter! How was yours?

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