I don’t often dedicate an entire post to a specific trend, but I thought this was cute and super easy to incorporate into an existing wardrobe. This is the guitar strap bag. It’s named for the guitar strap detail that takes its fashion cues from the rock and blues world.

Now, you can actually buy bags with this strap as part of it, or you can do what I did and just update your existing strap! I found some cute options from Target for only $10 and even more from Amazon. As this trend keeps taking off, you’ll have even more options to add a little personality to your handbag.

I also love this option because sometimes the cross body strap provided is thin and digs into my shoulder. Ouch. Now I can pick the material, width, pattern or embellishments and go! Also, I can easily swap between them.

It takes under 10 seconds to infuse some serious style to your existing handbag!

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Target | Target | Amazon | Target | Amazon | Amazon

I loved the variety of options I found quite easily and hope you can find one you love as well!

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