Hi new and old friends! Since I see these all the time on Instagram, I thought I would do a funny Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me post just for fun! I am trying to avoid the typical bloggery “I love shoes, and peonies and puppies” statements.

  1. My family calls me Paige, not Adriele. It’s my middle name and it’s stuck. No one except my family can call me that, though. 😉 If you ever get coffee with me- that’s the name I use. I got tired of “Ariel? Adrienne? Adrielley???” No.
  2. I did the Hammer Dance at my wedding. Well, we had a choreographed rumba for our first dance (Ian KILLED it), but we have pictures of me- in full wedding gown- doing the hammer. #HammerTime
  3. Necks freak. me. out. I can’t handle it when people touch their own neck. So if you do it, you’ll see me start looking away or fidgeting.
  4. I am obsessed with sitting in the back row of movie theaters. It’s SO much quieter and no one can kick your seat!
  5. I passed out on stage during “All City Choir” in high school in front of hundreds of people. (My legs were NOT locked, but I lost that battle with the lights.)
  6. I wanted to work for the government as a child. HA! No, really. The CIA. 😉 If any of you are old enough to remember “spy tech” toys in the 90’s- I had them all and would spy on my sister (sorry Abbie) and the golfers on the fairway in front of our house. No really, I’d climb up a tree to get on the roof and perch on the backside with a long distance microphone over the top pointed at the course and listen to the people on the fairway.
  7. On that same note, I was a tomboy until high school. I wore (wait for it…) TRACK SUITS, soccer shorts (I did not play soccer) and soccer shoes. Which is hilarious because now Adidas shoes are suuuuper trendy now. I was not trying to be trendy back then. 😉
  8. The first CD I ever purchased was the Top Gun soundtrack and it is one of my favorite movies of all time. I can respond to any question completely with Top Gun quotes.
  9. I have pulled over in a MASSIVE Kansas City intersection outside of the Sprint World HQ (I worked there) to stop traffic to save a runaway beagle. (Sorry, I DO love puppies. I said I wouldn’t talk about puppies… I can’t help myself.) OH! And I give people dogs as gifts. And I rescued a kitten during my geometry class (it was outside next to the window in the cold) and convinced my teacher to keep it and name her Chloe. Funny, because that is my niece’s name now!!! I don’t think I ever told my sister that!
  10. I have a highly irrational fear of wasps and bees. I was stung in the belly button as a child, so my fear was cemented in my psyche early on.

Well, there you have it! 10 random things most people don’t know about me. I am a weird little package of oddness. You all know I’m a crazy Star Wars and Harry Potter fan, so I didn’t include that because that’s like saying my hair is naturally red. Although when I was 2, some crazy lady in the grocery store asked my mom is she dyed my hair. HAHAHAHA!!!! What??!? Who would do that????

Ok, that’s all for today! I just thought I would share a bit more about myself because I tend to post about “stuff” more often than “me” and I always enjoy these 10 things posts from other bloggers. I hope you enjoyed it! Or at least laughed at the idea of me peeking over the roof of my house with a spy microphone. Because WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!

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