Many of you know Ian and I built our home together 8 years ago when we got married. Back then it was trendy to do oak cabinets with a darker stain- but now that felt super dated. So, I borrowed a sprayer from our sweet friends Paul and Stacey and got to work. This project took FOR. EV. ER.

We started on the top cabinets because we wanted to make sure if we messed up- we only had to fix half of the cabinets instead of all of them. Ian is many things, but a painter is not one of them, so I got to work sanding, priming, painting, and spraying. I did two to three coats of Sherwin Williams primer and then three coats of the actual paint. I know that sounds like a lot, but when you use a sprayer- you water down your paint to go on smoother and thus requires two to four coats per side.

Additionally, Kansas decided it wanted to rain intermittently while I was trying to spray in the garage over the weekends (spanning the course of two months), so I couldn’t work when it was super humid. Also, Ian had to set up and tear down my painting area every day I did it so that we could park our cars in the garage at night.

I used a roller and a brush on the cabinets themselves and sprayed the doors. You can take everything off and spray it all, but I’ve seen too many “Renovation Realities” on DIY network to know that could end BADLY. So attached to the wall they stayed and I just did all of that by hand. I watched ONE youtube video of a dude in a warehouse spraying cabinet doors (no instruction), and I was off! It’s THAT easy. You can always add another coat, but it’s hard to fix drips. Less is more with paint.

Ian (with the help of one of our favorite neighbors Andrew) cut and installed bead board on the front of the bar. I am beyond thrilled with the results!!! If you’ve been thinking about painting your cabinets- DO IT!!!! Our house feels so much brighter!!

Here is the before:

And the after:

Hooray! If you notice in the before pictures you can see my weird countertops. Shout out to my design guru Jordan for being my sounding board and advice giver! She gave me a solution so I could make my countertop edges look better so I didn’t have to replace the entire countertop. I have always used Sherwin Williams paint and we love it. When I started painting (with a roller and a brush) our bathroom cabinets I used the color Snowbound- SW 7004 as a suggestion from Brooke (a dear Nebraska friend with impeccable taste). You can do a roller if you want, but spraying was waaaaaaaaaaaaay easier. The color in the kitchen is white with cream undertones – Westhighland White- SW 7566. It looks insanely cream on the website, but as you can see, it’s still white. Snowbound is the most classic white you can get that doesn’t look cheesy. It’s understated and elegant. If you’re doing grays/blues I would choose Snowbound and if you have warmer walls (tan, brown, etc,) I would use Westhighland White.

That’s it friends!!! It takes a village! I appreciate all of the advice from friends and the tools/labor as well. (Sorry to our neighborhood- the guys were cutting the beadboard outside at 9:43 at night Saturday. Eeeek!!) If you want any specifics on how long something took, or how I prepped the wood to be primed- ask away!

Also, these beautiful flowers were from Ian for Mother’s Day. They’re from The Bouqs Co. and this is the “Posh.” It’s gorgeous! (I did pick out some carnations, but to be fair, Ian knew I’d pick them out.)

“Pierre, I love you, but if you use another carnation in my bouquet… I will deport you.” Ahhhhh, Kathy Najimy from The Wedding Planner. So funny.

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