We made it to Friday!!! Kansas had some armageddon weather last night, but luckily we all survived. Also, my house renovations are finally finished and we’re going to sell our home and build a new one! The entire process is so exciting and exhausting. The thought of keeping my house spotless with a toddler and two dogs is slightly terrifying. Especially when I have to get all 3 out of the house every time there is a showing. Wish me luck friends!

Ok, on to my favorites for the week!

I’m trying to drink more water, and I found something that helps me do that- a pretty, glittery tumbler. I can literally drink 4-6 of these suckers a day without even realizing it!

This dress from Old Navy is SUPER cute and (thankfully) not off the shoulders- because we know those are problematic for toddler moms. If you personally like off-the-shoulder dresses here is the cutest dress under $30 I’ve seen in a LONG time!!

We tried The Bouqs Co. flowers for Mother’s Day (read: Ian ordered them after I hinted last month), and I loved it! They arrived Saturday and were super fresh- the blooms hadn’t even opened yet! So it’s been 7 days and it still looks amazing! If you haven’t tried them yet, I would highly suggest you do it. (We got the “Posh” and above is a picture of it 4 days in!)

Hoola bronzer is a favorite for many- but I always found it too dark for me. It’s like the people over at Benefit Cosmetics heard me and made a lighter version!!!! *happy dance*

In case you missed it, I’ve been using the Rodan & Fields Lash Boost. Hello. It legitimately works. I adore it. I kind of wanted it to be unremarkable so I could say it wasn’t worth it. (Haha, I’m so suspicious of high-end products! Why? I don’t know.) I’m still using it nightly and continually surprised when I put on mascara and look in the mirror!!

I’m super excited to try and make this Raspberry Peach Lemonade. It looks so delicious and it makes me want to host a party at our house- but only once it’s under contract so I don’t have to clean constantly. 😉

Have I told you guys about this hilarious Cheesy Crock Pot Chicken dish? Y’all. It cracks me up. They add Stove Top stuffing into it!! Haha, it was good but incredibly random. Ian was like “It’s like Mexican Thanksgiving.” Well, I suppose when you throw a can of Rotel into it with some stuffing, it was only a matter of time before someone says something like that. 😉 If I were you, I’d omit the chicken broth and add it at the end as needed. Also, it was a LOT of butter. (Or maybe I harnessed my inner Pioneer Woman and just put more in without thinking.) I suppose putting butter into dishes is just muscle memory for me at this point.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend! We have a birthday party for Alexander’s buddy, in addition to generally trying to stay out of the house for showings. Good times. 😉

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