shirt | jeans | sandals | handbag | sunglasses | necklace (similar) | belt

Happy Monday, friends! I thought I would share what I would call an “easy mom outfit.” I get that wearing white pants in a “mom” post is risky. Would I wear them to a playground? No. Playdate? Errands? School pickup? You better believe it. Everything is also from Old Navy, Target, or Gap- so nothing is over $40.

First up, the striped t-shirt. Now, you don’t need this exact shirt, but you get the general vibe I’m going for- loose and relaxed. And striped, because obviously internet, it’s me.

The jeans are Old Navy and I literally took some scissors and chopped the hem off. I wanted a shorter inseam and “raw” denim is a thing, so a few snips later and I had these babies! (Wash and dry at least once after cutting the jeans to get that cute frayed look.)

The shoes are the BEST PART of this look. They’re only $30!!!! They are insanely adorable and you can adjust them in every area to make sure they fit comfortably!! Would I walk around Disney World in them? Probably not, but running errands? YES.

photos: Jacque, Inc
shirt | jeans | sandals | handbag | sunglasses | necklace (similar) | belt

Pair it all with a basic brown belt and a saddlebag purse (both Target- I linked one similar for the same price) and viola! You have a cute, casual mom outfit that isn’t frumpy!

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