lamp | table | elephant | orchid | succulents

If you’re like us, your guest bedroom sits completely unoccupied most of the time. This space used to be used as my office/beauty room but I moved my office upstairs and never did anything with it. Those shelves used to hold shoes, boots, and handbags- but I thought that was less appropriate for a guest room. I mean, I liked it, but that seemed ridiculous. “Welcome to my home, please enjoy sleeping next to my shoes.” Haha, no. Instead, I opted to fill them with some books, a few framed pictures from my office and some touches from Target.

The (fake) tiny succulents are from the dollar section of Target (!!!) and I made the hydrangea bouquet with three artificial flowers. The Elenore Roosevelt quote is one of my favorites and was actually a gift from my parents.

I always try to select items that would look good in other places in my home so I can move it later if I change my mind! Also, you will rarely find a real plant in my house because I tend to kill them, so fake ones are my favorite! This elephant is ADORABLE and this (fake) orchid were easy choices to fill up a bit of space on top of the dresser. The next step is to swap out the dresser hardware. But for a room I never go into- this works! I still want a long mirror down there and more stuff on the table and the window seat- but until that happens, I’m pleased with this!

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