It’s Memorial Day weekend! We don’t have much planned other than relaxing and spending time with family! Whew! Our neighborhood pool opens this weekend and although it’s too cold for a swim- it’s always lovely to see that beautiful blue water! Since I feel super summery today- I thought I’d share some of my current summer favorites.

This is my favorite summer drink from Starbucks. It’s a delicious and refreshing take on an Arnold Palmer. If I don’t want a sugary tea, I’ll just get an iced passion tea.

These earrings are basically the cutest thing ever. I got them and cannot wait to wear them this summer!

I adore this t-shirt alternative for the summer months. Cute, airy, and under $20!

If you aren’t into dangly earrings, these hex studs are interesting and comfortable to wear.

I drink a lot of lemonade in the summer (and tea, obviously), so I’m really excited to try this watermelon lemonade recipe!

If you liked the Kate Spade scalloped tote- I found a similar option under $50. It’s a perfect alternative to your summer bag and holds a LOT.

Trying this Avacado Pasta Salad recipe this week. I’ll let you know how it goes- but it has avocado and bacon in it, so I’m willing to bet it’s amazing. 😉

Monday I’ll be back with an outfit post and a giveaway!! See you Monday!

What are you up to this three-day weekend? Anything fun?

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