This week has been a doozie. I’m keeping it short and sweet because efficiency and brevity are a necessity in my life this week. It’s a sprint to the weekend and here we go! (Literally 5 min after I took this, Wicket tipped the hydrangea vase over onto the magazines soaking all three. #MomIRL moment right there.)

Every woman can use a solid black maxi dress. This one is perfect. Basic, light, incredibly soft, and you can wear a normal bra with it. It’s also only $20.

My blogging friend Hitha wrote a BOOK!!!!! Yes. She’s awesome. I’m using it at this very moment to help me do some last minute lake packing! (This book is both beautiful and helpful!)

If you’re a KC fan (or just need a cute ball cap for summer) this adorable blue baseball hat is perfect to hide your pool/beach/mom hair. 😉

Speaking of hair- this humidity protectant spray is pretty great. A great addition to your hair routine in the heat and humidity of the summer!

Sooooo, I discovered that Dairy Queen (yes, the ice cream place) has soft pretzel sticks and queso. I have zero idea how that ties into their normal menu- but they’re delicious. Just fyi. 😉

If you’ve been watching my IG Stories over on Instagram, you’ll know that I had a horrible dry shampoo experience yesterday. I got a sample of Dry Bar’s dry shampoo and not only was it a STARK white spray coming out of the bottle, it didn’t blend well- leaving my hair dull and lighter than before. To add insult to injury the smell was horrible. Like Axe body spray. So, essentially it ruined a decent hair day with its dullness and made me feel like a had an angsty teenage boy following me around. Worst. Dry Shampoo. EVER. Ian even asked if I was going to take a shower because the smell weirded him out too. LOL!!

This setting powder is PERFECT when you need some added spf (45!!!!), but don’t like a lotion or spray. The delivery system isn’t my favorite (put it in a normal jar, SuperGoop), but it’s still a great product.

Ok, I’m off to the lake! SO thrilled for family time with my sister, her family, and our parents! This is how tiny Alexander was the last time we went:I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I’ll post pictures once we get back!

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