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Dress | Shoes (newer version) | Earrings 

I’m often asked what to wear to a wedding by friends and family, readers, and clients. This time of year, “wedding season” is filled with joy and a bit of uncertainty about what to wear. Although we’ll get into the nitty gritty and what it all means later, today I wanted to share with you a non-traditional option.

The two piece dress. Basically, it’s a matching set that you purchase that form one cohesive look. This tends to look more pulled together than any two separates matched together. Granted, you can wear each of these on their own without the accompanying garment as well, but they truly look the best as a set. 

Dress | Shoes (newer version) | Earrings 

I wanted to dress to be the main focal point, so I opted for cute white earrings, nude shoes and that’s it. Too much extra accessorizing, especially to a wedding is considered tacky. Keep it simple and classic. This dress has enough visual interest on its own.

Added bonus, it’s incredibly comfortable- both as a single look or worn separately. I’ve paired the top with high waisted white jeans and the skirt with a cute v-neck white t-shirt. Lest I forget to mention the skirt has pockets!!

Dress | Shoes (newer version) | Earrings 

A post is coming soon with specifics for wedding guest attire, but if you have any questions you want me to address leave them in the comments below!

My sweet family got to go to Carlton Landing, OK, and I have a post full of fun vacation pictures coming soon! If you want more info about this amazing and insanely perfect town in the middle of the Midwest- check out the town website and my friend Rachel’s blog here! (They live in OKC and built a lake house here- that’s how I heard about it and where we stayed the first year we went!) Or just wait for my Carlton Landing post later this week!

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