In lieu of a normal Friday Favorites post, I thought I would share my favorite items to pack or have on hand when traveling with a toddler.

  1. Air Toddler Bed – this is perfect for the kiddo who is in a bigger kid bed, but you aren’t quite ready for them to have the adult sized option. Insanely packable with inflated sides that keep him corraled in bed at night. We’ve done this twice and he really loves it!
  2. The iGuy ipad cover. It gives him something to hold on to, stands up on its own without tipping over AND makes the iPad almost drop proof. It has been a lifesaver.
  3. Command hooks, safety pins, and clothes pins. More often than not- the room where Alexander sleeps doesn’t get very dark. This is problematic for naptime and early bedtime when the sun is still out. I use command hooks to attach to the wall and then use safety pins to attach on the blanket and then slip over the hook. It takes me 30 seconds to take a bright room and cover the window to make it darker. Zero damage to the walls and my kiddo goes to sleep.
  4. WD40. Those tiny cans help loosen up any squeaky hinges that might wake up your little one when you try to move stealthily out of their room.
  5. Our sound machine! Alexander has used one of these since we brought him home from the hospital and he sleeps like a CHAMP. I think everyone should have one of these in their kid’s room. It drowns out any external noise (we use the water sounds instead of the white noise), so we can talk normally outside of his door and he can’t hear a thing!!
  6. This thermometer/nightlight is a lifesaver. I’m one of those people that can’t sleep if the room is too hot (no really, I get nightmares if it raises above 74 degrees), and knowing Alexander’s room is neither too hot or too cold is super reassuring! His room in Carlton Landing felt fine to me, but I checked the egg and it was way too cold for him. We ended up closing a vent to keep his room a bit warmer and ours across the hall cooler. VERY handy gadget!

We always make sure all of this is on hand when we travel with our little guy and we use each and every one of these!

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