We all know my love for flowing dresses and stripes. I also love using unique accessories to amp up a basic dress and this look is the perfect example. Fun story- these shoes are actually the same shoes from this post with some strips of leather (for a belt) attached to them!I took a cute and adorable dress from Nordstrom that I could wear with pumps or cute flats and added these sandals and this belt to give it some dimension. This knot belt is available online and is only $27!! Super cute and the opposite of a boring belt. If you’ve ever wanted to try belting a dress I would highly suggest this one!! 

Did I mention this dress has pockets?!?!? I am such a sucker for pockets and although I rarely use them- I ALWAYS want them!! Now, let me draw your attention to the twirlability: 

It also flows out like a (pretty) sail when I go down a flight of stairs. I feel like a princess. Although probably a Disney princess, not a real princess because we all know real royalty doesn’t run down stairs. (Can you picture the Dutchess running down stairs? The Queen would shoot her some serious eye daggers if she did that.)

Is it weird that I’ve thought this out? 

Photos: Jacque, Inc.

Dress | Belt | Sandals (similar) | Scalloped Pouch | Earrings

Cute ear jackets (that’s what stud earrings with dangly attachments that fasten behind the ear are called) and a scalloped leather pouch complete the look! If you feel like this look is a little too edgy for you, add a cardigan and you can wear it to work! Literally the top of my “must have” dress list.

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