I had the wonderful pleasure of attending Boulevardia up in Kansas City last weekend with Lee Jeans! I can’t tell you what a wonderful time my friend Meeghan and I had! Lee Jeans kindly invited me and a friend to join them at Boulevardia (the music festival from Boulevard Brewing) over the weekend. We ate Kansas City strip steak, listened to some amazing music (hello, the Strumbellas were FANTASTIC) and had a lovely time with the Lee team. They know how to show a girl a good time! (And by that- I mean they fed me, had great music, and understood when we started yawning at 10pm and headed back to the hotel.)

Lee Jeans is celebrating their home in Kansas City for over 100 years (!!!) and I’m thrilled to be able to share their new jeans that are NOT your mother’s jeans. I wore the Dream Jean to the event and I was so comfortable! These jeans move with you and feel more like a legging, but have the design and construction of a jean. The design is fabulous, the color choices are on-trend and current, and I can’t get over how comfortable they are!! Did I mention they’re super affordable as well? Don’t let me just tell you – here’s the Dream Jean video:

They come in a wide range of sizes- everything from 0-30W. Yes. They have all the sizes. FINALLY, cute jeans for everyone. (Literally.) I finally have jeans that are comfortable enough wear while I’m running around chasing my son, and stylish enough to wear when I’m at work styling clients. I do a lot of moving around when I style- squatting down to adjust hems or tie shoes- and these stretch with me but don’t stretch out. I see why they’re called Dream Jeans.

Now, to every woman who has gained weight and doesn’t want to spend the money on new jeans- I implore you. Buy these. They’re at a great price point and you’ll feel WONDERFUL in them. And isn’t it about time you did something for yourself? Get one pair and I promise you’ll be hooked. I certainly am. (They also have other styles, if skinny jeans aren’t your thing.)

I was unaware before this that Lee Jeans was Kansas City based- but they’re proud of their city, and the heritage they’ve created there. The ladies I met from the company were lovely and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I’m officially a convert to these jeans and this company. And yes, I’m in Lee jeans right now. 😉 

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