Happy 4th of July weekend!!! We have a pretty packed weekend ahead of us- one of my dear friends Carol is getting married July 1st and my best friend Leah (who introduced us) is in the wedding. I am so excited to be present for Carol and Jonathan’s big day! #JourneyToAdler

It’s a black tie wedding, so we get to dress up!! I stupidly chose a dress that I can’t wear Spanx with (noooooooo), so I’m going to be doing all of the cardio/abs exercises over the next two days. I would just pick a different dress, but it’s a magenta gown and too pretty not to wear. I’ll document it on Instagram if you want to see the fanciness for yourself.

On to my Friday favorites! So, we actually dig the hole for the basement next week (!!!) and that means I get to start picking selections. Here’s my question for you. A white house or a dark gray house? White feels a liiiiiitle boring- but I love how timeless it looks. Grey makes the white trim pop, but I feel like it’s a bit trendy. HELP. I legitimately want your opinion- so please tell me in the comments. (Disclaimer, my house will not be THIS big. It’s a two story also, but these are massive homes.)

This time of year we always do Independence Day at my great Aunt’s home out in the country. My cousins buy all of the fireworks (no really, it’s a lot), so I’m trying to figure out how to do crazy amounts of fireworks with a little dude that doesn’t love loud noises. I’m thinking about getting him some cool glow sticks and letting him have fun with that. If you have any tips for us about this- let me know!

I have officially found the coolest kids book ever. It’s HUGE, but has 2 wind-up race cars included, and there are three race tracks within the book- so you read the story and race the cars!

I’ve had a lot of questions about my shampoo and conditioner and I SWEAR by this Aquage product and apparently in addition to salons- Walgreens has it too. I owe all of my shiny and silky hair to this shampoo/conditioner combo (I buy it in bulk) and this leave-in treatment. I use these every single time I wash my hair! They also help keep my hair healthy enough to not wash as often!

I friend (and co-worker) discovered the cutest and most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn. They’re Børn, so you know they’re comfortable already- but they’re so adorable! The perfect option if you still want comfort, but need a bit of style. I was on my feet walking around outside in the ridiculous heat and humidity for HOURS and my feet like they were on tiny pillows. I own them in gray!

I tried kale juice and I didn’t hate it!!!!! Now I’m debating starting some kale smoothies for breakfast. I’ll try a few to see if I can get Alexander to eat more veggies in his life. The struggle is real.

I also shared my at-home teeth whitening routine on the blog this week, so check it out and let me know if you have any questions! I’ve been looking into other options if the ones I present aren’t a viable option for you.

Head over to Instagram to see our holiday weekend!! Come back Monday for my 4th of July outfit post!

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