At all started when I was pregnant with Alexander. In order to feel more comfortable, I slouched. And then Alexander was born and I bent over to nurse him. Then I carried him everywhere (he was a ginormous baby) and so I seemed to slouch to offset his huge baby weight.

Now, THREE years later, my posture is STILL terrible. I look at pictures and think: “Where was my mom to tell me to stand up straight?? I look horrible!” It’s not even like I have an excuse now. I know how to correctly stand, but I’m lazy and my muscle memory is lazy too.

This leads me to the decision to purchase the Lumo Lift. I almost got Ian one too but thought that I’d get mine, see how it goes and go from there. 

This tiny guy is called the Lumo Lift. It’s a fitness tracker that also specializes in posture tracking. Basically, you slouch- it vibrates to remind you to sit up straight. You can change the setting on it to personalize how often it vibrates, how long the alert should be, etc.

First Impressions

It’s pretty cool!!! I have mine set at the recommended 15-second delay, and sure enough, it vibrates if I’m slouching longer than 15 seconds. I like that it also tracks my steps like a pedometer. It also tracks distance traveled and calories burned. The app also provides back/neck exercises to help strengthen your muscles to help with your posture.

I don’t love that you have to have it to the side of your collarbone, but I understand. It just makes wardrobe choices a bit more difficult. (Although all you see from the front is the small white square.) I put it on my left side so the seat belt isn’t interfering with it.

The Challenge

I’m going to wear this for 2 weeks and see what I think about it. Does it work? Is my posture better? Is it super annoying? I will find out for you!

If you have any questions for me, let me know. Have you heard of this before? Do you wish you had better posture? Am I the only person that worries about this stuff? LOL!!! I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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