I have waxed poetically about my love for all things striped and this shirt is no exception. I waited until it went on sale to get it and now it’s 40% off!!! July always makes me happy with all of the flags and Americana decorations everywhere. This outfit is my stylish version of red, white, and blue without having a gigantic flag on my chest. I ordered this shirt first in a small and it was HUGE, so I sent it back and got an XS. This tassel detailing on the sleeves and hem make my heart happy and the cut is generous, so you don’t feel uncomfortable in a tight shirt. A word of warning, the fabric is heavy. Very high quality, but it’s THICK, so I wouldn’t wear it if it’s 95+ outside. You’d be miserable.

Now, let’s talk about these ADORABLE earrings. The first time Alexander saw them, his face lit up and he said: “Mommy has strawberries in her EARS?!? I eat them!!” Haha, no. He settled for touching them with one finger (this prevents toddler grabbing/yanking). I adore these sweet little strawberries and honestly- they’re so fun and whimsical, why not? I may not wear them to a board meeting with a suit, but I wore them on July 4th and received so many compliments! 

Photos: Jacque, Inc.

Shirt | Jeans | Strawberry Earrings Cherry Earrings | Bag  similar | Shoes

I know the strawberry earrings just sold out, but they have cherry versions that are equally as adorable! Between the tassels on this shirt and the earrings- I really feel quite festive (and slightly like a Chiquita Banana lady). Those shoes you’ve seen a million times because I’ve had them for YEARS. I’ve really found that if I spend around $100 for sandals- they tend to last a long time. Granted, I love buying them when they’re on SALE, but $100 is a pretty good starting point for sandals that you want to wear for more than one season. (Yes, you can spend way more than that- but I don’t really feel like that is necessary.)

What do you ladies think? Are the fruit earrings something you’d try or are they too crazy for your taste?

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