You asked what I thought about the “new” shoes on the market- Rothy’s, so I thought I’d get a pair and review them for you!

No idea what I’m talking about? You’re not alone. I had to research them when I was asked about the brand. The gist is this- a San Fransico guy came up with a shoe that has the ease of a sneaker, the polish of a flat. The shoe is entirely vegan because it’s made with recycled plastic water bottles. They’re machine washable (YES!!!!!) and made with enough room to insert your own orthotics if you need arch support- which most flats don’t. I’m not going to lie, these suckers are COMFORTABLE.

They’re made to get wet and dry fast so spills, puddles, rain, (toddler accidents…) don’t slow you down. Breathable, moisture wicking material also helps keep your feet sweat-free in the summer. The blister-free seamless knit uppers are also perfect for someone that has feet issues that typical flats don’t accommodate. (If you suffer from bunions- order a half size up if you have wider than a B width.

My take: Although don’t love paying $145 for flats (the pointed toe version is $20 more than the original rounded toe option), I love them. I added a memory foam insert into it and literally, these are my new favorite casual flat. They won’t replace these flats as my favorite flat of all time, BUT now I’m wearing these daily and saving the other flats for when I’m dressed up. I love that I have an option that seems sneaker-ish without having to actually wear a sneaker.

They’re “elevated casual.”

So, if you wanted an alternative to Tieks, this is it. I found these much more comfortable (fit like a glove) and where the Tieks will scuff in a heartbeat- these are more durable. And honestly, if I’m paying THAT much money for a flat to wear every day, I need that sucker to hold up to the daily ridiculousness life throws at me.

Verdict: Worth The Money

Don’t be surprised if I get them in MANY more colors.  🙂

Shop Rothy’s here!

Disclaimer: There is none. I purchased these on my own after I was asked to compare them to tieks. No brand on either side knows I exist. 😉 

UPDATE: Please do not put your coupon code in the comments on this post. There have been complaints and thus all codes posted will be deleted. 

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