Happy Friday!! Guess what?!?! Mark your calendars to come hang out with me at J.Crew Mercantile on July 29, from 12-4! There will be snacks, I’m there to style you and help pick out what looks the best on you, AND they’re having a sale on TOP of normal sale prices and discounts. Literally, this is the biggest discount J. Crew allows- ever.

Who: StyleAssisted x J.Crew Mercantile
When: Saturday, July 29th
12:00 – 4:00 pm
Where: J.Crew Mercantile – Bradley Fair
1900 N Rock Rd #116

I am beyond excited to host this event and hope to see you all there! Even if you don’t want to shop, come in- grab a treat and say hi!!

Although that is my super fun Friday news, I also have some fantastic favorites to share with you! As you know, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (Early Access) is going on! If you wanted to see my picks from this year’s sale- check out my post from yesterday here.

I finally have a Shop page on the blog! This allows you to see what great finds I’ve located while scouring the internet. Let me shop for you. Seriously.

I have found the best. bra. ever. This bra is so insanely comfortable and I forget I have it on! I have the v-neck version. It’s life changingly good. Trust me. Order some!!!

Random segue to bugs. Ok, this sounds crazy- but I swear mosquitos are attracted to me. More than normal. I also hate spraying buy spray on me and Alexander every.single.time we go outside. Solution? This patio shield thing that repels mosquitos for a 15×15 area!!! Whaaat? Yes. I am totally getting this for the new house. Or 4.

Also, we picked the color of the house- it’s white! This week we also picked exterior and interior colors and stone. So fun!!! Now it’s on to granite and lighting!!!! So excited!! They dug a basement this week and the walls are up! I’ll keep you guys up on the process if you want to hear about it- if not, I won’t keep throwing in random house stuff in these posts. Let me know in the comments!


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