I have zero idea why pineapples have turned into a thing, but I think they’re tasty, so I’ll roll with it! This shirt is super adorable and would look equally as cute with a pair of white denim! I chose the yellow sandal because why not and added a ribbon in my hair to make the outfit a bit dressier. Anytime you wear denim shorts- the look will skew casual, so be mindful of that if you want to look a bit more put together. I almost just did the white pants regardless, but I know some of y’all hate them, so here’s a different take.

photos: Jacque, Inc.

Also, these jean shorts from Gap are literally the best ones I’ve ever found. I’ve mentioned them before and maintain that they’re the best jean short ever. My bright yellow accessories could easily be swapped out for a neutral color if you don’t love the bright pop! You can always do flats instead of heels- which pairs well with denim shorts.

Side note- I’ve been wearing these shorts with my new comfy Converse from this post at least once a week because it’s easy and comfortable in this insanely hot weather. Pick out a t-shirt or tank top and go! #MomLife just got easier.

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