Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Day! Public access opened up TODAY and they restocked everything!!! Let’s be honest, the whole NSale would be easier if you could shop by the type of look, so keeping that in mind- I picked my favorites in each category and linked them below!

Leggings | Sweatshirt Tunic | Tshirt | Sneakers

Skirt | Red Blouse | Blue Blouse | Pants | Pumps

Blue Coat | Boot | Bag | Sweater | Booties

Blue Dress | Jumpsuit | Jacket | Cardigan | Scalloped Sweater

These leggings get a shout out because they are the best I’ve ever found under $100. They’re SUPER opaque (no see-through nonsense), they’re incredibly thick and durable, AND they have a high waist- which essentially is like Spanx in legging form. (Without paying for the name brand.) They also don’t have a super “athletic” feel to them so you can wear them in the fall/winter with boots or with running shoes for a casual/sporty vibe and look great either way!

If you saw my IG stories- you saw me unpack all of the boxes from this order. The only thing I didn’t absolutely love was the leather jacket- and that’s just because I am not a leather jacket person. I tried. Meh. That being said, the scalloped sweater is insanely soft, the jumpsuit and dress fit like a GLOVE, and the handbag is the perfect size! Not too big, not too small!

Ok, go shop! If you have any questions- leave them below or send me an Instagram message! Happy hunting, friends!

Note: there are absolutely NO stripes in any of these posts. See? I can do it. That, or I already have too many and I don’t need more. 😉

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