I know I haven’t sat down and really chatted with you guys lately and I thought I would write a post and give you an update on NON style things. It’s been a hectic few months over in the Dixon house!

We sold the house we built when we were first married (we actually built it while planning the wedding!) and are moving! I’m not a hugely sentimental person, but I will miss this sweet home we started our family in. We are currently in the building process and our home should be ready by the beginning of February.

Yes. February. I know, it seems like a long way off to us too. To be fair, once you decide to build you have to go through about a month of financial paperwork and then we added another month when I changed our garages to side load. (That means they point to the side, not the front of the house.)

That all being said, we’re moving to a smaller rental until that point and my goal is to DECLUTTER my life. I’m going to go through everything and legitimately decide if we need it (probably not), and if not- I’m going to donate it or sell it online. I’m debating if we should put Alexander in a twin bed NOW and sell his crib/changing table or wait until the new house in Feb. Do any of you have any advice on that?

In addition, we’ve decided we really want to do a better job of showing hospitality to others and have people over more. We love doing it, and frankly, I don’t know why we DON’T. So, I was thinking small game nights, perhaps. I don’t know about you, but Ian and I love to play board games, but it’s not as fun with 2 people and honestly, we’re ENTIRELY too competitive when it’s just us. Ian literally banned Scrabble in our house after we first got married because I was too competitive and he said it wasn’t fun. LOL. Whoops. I have mellowed in the past 8 years- so it’s no longer that much of an issue. (Although I have yet to devise an appropriate Ticket To Ride strategy. I keep losing.)

That all being said, would I prefer to move directly from our old house to our new house? Yes, of course. But, having the house sold and KNOWING we’ll never have to worry about two mortgages is great. Also, the rental is super cute and we know the owners- so that’s easier. Did I mention trying to find a rental with two huge dogs is basically impossible? Seriously. Yikes.

I digress. Regardless, that’s where we’re at. It’s all been great perspective about what blessings we already have and focusing on the important things while realizing the house is great, but NOT the priority for day to day life. Also, I haven’t read that “Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” book, but I’m going with that general principle. Stuff is just stuff. I could do with less of it. (Also, it’s easy to clean up when there’s not as much stuff!! WIN!!)

It’s also fun deciding what new items I want to add to the next house- the daybed swing above is going on our front porch!!! (I fell in love with them when we stayed at Carlton Landing this summer.) Pinterest didn’t exist before we built our last home, so picking cabinets, paint, etc, was all pretty boring back then. Now, I get to pick every detail of the house and that’s been so exciting! I relish the details, and building a house if full of them! This past week I picked paint, lighting, countertops and flooring/tile! It was a BUSY week! Ian is not into details, so he just sort of lets me do whatever as long as it’s within the budget. (You know Ian loves budgets, HA!) I told him that this much trust is a big step in our marriage. 😉 At least he knows I’m not going to decorate our bedroom pink or florals, so there’s that. LOL.

So that’s our little life update. Alexander will be three in exactly 2 months, so I’m trying to figure out what I want to do for that. Also, Halloween! He’s still young enough that I get to pick the costume and last year he was Sebastian, Ian was Prince Eric and I was Ariel. My friends made the costumes and they were EPIC. Full blog post here. (Obviously.)

That’s it for my Sunday Ramblings! See you guys tomorrow for an outfit post!

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