Every summer I always have one dress that I gravitate towards and I’ve worn this one to almost every event. (Seriously, at least 7.) White is always classic for summertime and the real reason I love this dress is because it’s not tight. Summer heat + outside events = the need for a dress that breathes. Shift dresses are always a great choice for any body type, so if you want something flattering and comfortable, get a shift dress!

photos: Jacque, Inc.

The shoes, earrings, and bag are on repeat because I love a good cherry red accessory. 😉 I would really suggest getting a pair of sandals and a bag that match because they really give a bold statement. You can do this at Target or Nordstrom- but try to pick a bold color in a primary hue (red, yellow or blue). It’s an instant way to add a pop of color to a basic dress and although the colors don’t have to be exact– coming close is ideal.

Now on to the shades. I’m branching out with my sunglasses, and I really like these! They remind me of an aviator, but a bit rounded, so not exactly the same. For some reason, I may like these better than my normal aviators- which is just crazy talk. Regardless, if you want to invest in a good pair of sunglasses, aviators tend to be the most timeless and flatter most facial shapes. If you don’t love the Top Gun look, go for a Wayfarer or a Clubmaster from Ray-Ban. You can find reasonably priced versions of both at Target, etc.

So if you take anything from this post- get a embroidered shift dress! (They’re on sale now because stores are getting ready for fall.) (!!!)

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