I’m channeling my inner Sporty Spice on the blog today! Ok, kidding, she was more of an Athleisure kind of lady, but this is my version. If you’ve ever wanted to know what to wear to a sporting event when you don’t want to wear team specific gear- this is your solution.

We’re all about Sporting Kansas City in our house, so when I saw this baby blue and navy bomber jacket I had to have it. I adore this jacket for three reasons:

  • Bomber jackets are super versatile and incredibly cute
  • It’s lightweight
  • Adorable colors that happen to be our team colors

The second I walked in the door, Ian said: “Nice Sporting KC jacket.” HA! Even if it wasn’t perfectly matched to all of my SKC merchandise, it’s still adorable and you don’t need to be a sports fan to appreciate it. Have I also mentioned that it’s under $30? Yep.

Photos: Jacque, Inc.

I’m also busting out the new navy Adidas I’ve had sitting in my closet for months. There is nothing like a fresh pair of sneakers. I think I was unintentionally saving them because I know the second I wear them around the toddler, they’ll get dirty. Le sigh. First world problems, am I right?

With fall arriving soon (hurry up, cold weather!) I appreciate this jacket even more because it’s lightweight and serves as a great transition piece. It’s actually been getting relatively cool at night and the mosquitos are getting ridiculous- so I have to wear long sleeves. I can’t wait for it to freeze so those suckers die off. 😉

On a happy note, my event with J. Crew Mercantile went really well this past Saturday! If you didn’t get the change to stop by, just tell them you want my event discount in store and they’ll still honor it!! Also, y’all missed some insanely tasty cookies. Pictures and a recap tomorrow on the blog! I can’t believe it’s the first day of August tomorrow!! WHERE DID SUMMER GO?!?! I feel like we need to do a “pool night” every night for the next month!

We move this weekend, so this is my last week in this sweet house! Augh!! This week is going to be NUTS.

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