Standing on the concrete they just poured in our new home!!!

After a LONG week of moving, settling into the new rental and all other craziness, I’m happy to announce we closed on our old house today! It’s been one of those life experiences that builds character- or something. Regardless, I’m already taking note of what NOT to do when we move into the new home in February. Also, I’m going to miss my sweet neighbors – Tori and Kelli were the absolute best!!!!!

Now that we’re done with the old house, let’s talk about my new home and all of the stuff I’ve purchased to adjust to make the rental as comfortable as possible.

These candles from Bath and Body Works are my #1 for autumn and they arrived today. Finally. (Not that they were just stocked- I had ordered some and they took their sweet time getting to me. Note to self: a 3-wick for $10 is great… if I want to wait 3 weeks for it.

The Container Store is helping me make the most out of my third bedroom, which I’ve converted into my beauty room/office/walk in closet. Here’s the deal, the rental has tiiiiiiiny closets and because it’s still hot outside, I need both summer AND fall clothes. Meh. Enter this rolling rack, this portable closet, AND these shoe cubbies to help me get organized.

Luna has a ginormous kennel now (because she’s huge) so Ian brilliantly went to Lowes and purchased some click-together floors to put over the carpet, but under her kennel in case she gets sick. We’re just learned that while crate training our four-legged babies, there can’t be exposed carpet under it. Did I tell y’all Wicket ate through carpet AND pad to the concrete in our old home? We took her to the vet, had surgery to get it out… long story short – WOOD FLOORS UNDER THE DOGS.

Some of the closets have a bit of a musty odor (as most older homes do) so I put these odor absorbing charcoal thingie-bobbers in each closet. I threw in a cedar satchel for good measure too.

Lastly, I’m REALLY excited to decorate for fall, so I already hit up Hobby Lobby for some fall decorations. I’ll have to be more creative than normal because I don’t have plant shelves to decorate. Which is also a huge blessing because I HATED THOSE THINGS. They attracted dust, were 15ft off the ground and awkwardly placed. NO. I told Ian that I can do floor to ceiling bookcases, but plant shelves serve no purpose other than to annoy me to death. (I feel super strongly about this, obviously.) 😉

Moving forward my mantra is to adapt and overcome any challenges living in a smaller home poses, and to do so with a cheerful attitude. I am abundantly blessed in so many ways and I refuse to let myself become whiney because I’m not as “comfortable” as I was in my previous home. I say this because if you ever catch me falling into a #FirstWorldProblems funk, feel free to tell me to get a grip. No really. (I blame social media because it’s the worst when it comes to the comparison game and pity parties.)

Hopefully, my brain will now fully function now that everything is slowing back to a normal pace. I have apparently misplaced my noggin and have been a space cadet for the past few months with the move. Worst feeling ever. I hate feeling like I’m letting people down bc I can’t remember events/tasks, etc. It’s nice to be able to get back to normal.

Now if you need me, I’m going to put together this super cute entertainment/accent piece that I found online at WALMART. YES. I know, I was just as shocked and it’s STURDY. Score!

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