Last year I wrote the following article and filmed a video explaining my 5 favorite picks. I still stand by every choice! I updated the links for shopping because I’ve found better deals, liked a different version more, etc. I hope you enjoy this Fall Essentials Revisited post! fall-essentialsI realize that in half of the country, it’s 90+ degrees outside and it doesn’t feel like fall. (As I type this, it’s like 87 here and feels like 97. Ugh, gross.) That being said, fall clothes are in stores and I thought I would share with you 5 fall items you need in your wardrobe this year. You MAY already have them, and if you do- GREAT JOB! If not, these are easy and non-complicated and can be purchased at ANY price level.

These are basics, so consider this Fall 101. Stay tuned for the next level of fall staples coming in the upcoming weeks. I just hate how blogs note the fall trends without giving the basics first. You have to learn to walk before you can run, amirite?

I have also made a handy dandy video if you need even more Adriele ridiculousness in your life. 😉 If videos aren’t your thing, I’ve still included the items and where to shop for them in this post. Win, win!top

Top: High | Mid | Low
Jeans: High | Mid | Low
Flats: High | Mid | Low

jacketJacket: High | Mid | Low
Trench: High | Mid | Low

If you need an explanation as to why I picked these 5 items, watch this:

I hope this helped! I’m getting ready to start filming more videos- so if you have any style or beauty requests or questions, let me know!

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