This dress was one of my favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and the second I received it, I put it on Instagram to share with you! It’s no secret that I love cobalt blue, and this dress is no exception. The length, fit and color all suit many skin tones and although I loved the black too, this color was too adorable to pass up. I also happened upon this bag during the sale and have been desperately wanting a nude leather bag. I have an awesome tote from Target (you saw it here), but I always think a woman should own one black and one nude bag. (And of course, corresponding shoes.)

The necklace and earrings are actually from a super cute blogger in Chicago who started her own jewelry business with her sister (one of my favorite bloggers ever- Kate at The Small Things Blog) years ago. They’re super reasonably priced and Lauren is just adorable regardless. I highly suggest you check her and her jewelry out!

Lastly, the scarf is from J. Crew and it’s a LONDON scarf!!! I love it!!!!!

Ok, I lied, that wasn’t the last part of the look. My shoes are from BCBG and they’re the ones I featured in my designer shoe post. They felt identical on my feet to the Jimmy Choos. I love them, they’re comfortable, and they’re super cute. Funny story, I hopped out of the car to shoot this look, hopped back in with my photographer and drove off. As I was heading down the road, I remarked, “the outside of my feet feels like it has arch support. Weird.”


You guys. I can’t make this up. Jacque was laughing at me, and the weird thing is you can’t really tell, AT ALL. Smh. Mom life. Lack of sleep can do some stupid stuff to your noggin. I walked over to the spot to shoot, took several pictures, walked back to the car.


It literally took me sitting in the car and thinking about how weird it felt to have such amazing support on the outside of my feet. #facepalm

photos: Jacque, Inc.

That all being said, you can dress the mom up, but you can’t remove the mom brain. Let me be a cautionary tale, friends. Also, I realize this isn’t a glamorous style blogger anecdote, but it’s real life, so I tell it like it is.

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