Happy Friday! I am happy to announce that we’re completely moved in! I was afraid I’d be the mom from the Incredibles, calling Ian at work to tell him we’d moved in… three years later. “I finally unpacked the last box!”

We’ve settled into a pretty great rhythm, and Alexander started preschool this week! It’s only for 3 hours, two times a week, but I really wanted him in some sort of educational environment. The school is great and they send me 4-6 pictures each time he’s there with a complete daily report card- which I love! We couldn’t be more thrilled and he really seems to love “school.”

Now that he’s gone 6 whole hours a week, I’ve found that I can get a LOT done! I legitimately surprise myself with the sheer volume of things I can get done without a toddler around! Guys, I went to Target. Alone. When it wasn’t nighttime. *Insert angels singing around me* It was glorious.

In new home news, today I decided I was going to start looking for bedding for our bedroom in the new house. I’m kind of loving the idea of an all white bed but think it may be a bad idea with dogs and a toddler. My possible solution might just be a machine washable coverlet. Have any of you with pets/kids tried the idea of an all white bed? Any tips?

I don’t know about you, but fall just makes me want to organize, decorate and bake! Yes, I know it’s not officially “fall” for another month, but I can’t help myself! I don’t like summer. Lol. Blunt, I know, but BRING ON THE SWEATERS.

Ooooh! Speaking of sweaters, I found the cutest sweater poncho AND a striped sweatshirt ON SALE from one of my favorite British brands, Joules! I’m also getting these rain boots from the same brand at a boutique in town soon! Seriously, if you’ve wanted a less expensive alternative to Hunter (both brands are British, btw), these are the CUTEST rain wellies ever. Yes, I call them wellies. 😉

Did I mention Pottery Barn came out with fake plants? This is my DREAM because I cannot keep plants alive to save my life. I’ve had soooo many people try to coax me into getting real plants again, but every time I do, I kill them accidentally. every.single.time. I’ve thrown in the towel and if you ever see a plant in a picture within my house- just assume it’s fake. 😉

Today the weather is supposed to be cloudy, so I may take Alexander to the Zoo! I basically avoid it from May through mid-August because it’s packed with end of the school field trips, summer day camps, or just too blazing hot. Mid August through October are PRIME Zoo months in my house. Bring on the baby gorillas! (Yes, we have baby gorillas!!)

Have a happy Friday! If we go to the zoo, I’ll put up some baby gorilla pictures!!!


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