Ok, so I didn’t get this jumpsuit with the sole purpose of wearing it during the eclipse, BUT it’s all black, so I thought it was fitting. Also, this is one of my NSale purchases from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and a favorite for date night because I can wear heels and it STILL reaches the floor!! (It came super long, so if you’re a tall person, this might actually work for you!) It’s quite comfortable, but as a style suggestion, I wouldn’t wear it to work or church without adding something underneath- a tie blouse or a button up would look fantastic. There’s also the option of wearing it with a cropped sweater with the front tucked into the belt!

Just as with any pants, you can get them hemmed to the perfect length for the shoes you plan on wearing with it. Unless you’re super tall, I probably wouldn’t wear it with flats, because jumpsuits can make you look shorter than normal without heels. Since you can’t actually see the shoes underneath- a wedge would be perfect! Comfortable, with added height!

photos: Jacque, Inc.

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about jumpsuits and many of them have come from me- honestly. It fixes a few of my jumpsuit complaints- it’s not too short in the legs (hello super long length) and not too short in the torso. I hate when I sit down and the jumpsuit “rearranges” to make me super uncomfortable. Not a problem at ALL in this option. The fact that you still basically have to disrobe to go to the bathroom is still a strike against the jumpsuit, but that’s less of an issue with this one.

If you were wanting to try dipping your toe into the jumpsuit pool, this would be a great option to start with!


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