Here it is, 4.5 months into using Rodan + Fields Lash Boost, and I’m hooked.

The short version:
I feel like a Disney Princess all.the.time and I get daily compliments on my eyelashes. It’s pricey, but I can 100% say it works and is worth the hefty price tag.

The longer version:
It’s a clear gel that you apply exactly like a liquid liner to your clean eyelash line every night before bed. That’s it. No crazy routine, no follow up, nothing. I’ve skipped several nights in a row (multiple times over the past few months) and it’s made no difference. Perhaps my lashes would be even longer. Probably, but I’m a slacker. 😉

Now, we all know I’m a skeptic and will outright tell you if I hate something or I think it’s “meh.” This is not meh. This is worth every penny. I scoffed at all of the Lash Boost Pinterest before/after pictures (seriously, go search it on Pinterest) and now I get asked daily if I’m wearing fake eyelashes. HA!

So this was my original post about lash boost a few weeks in and it was already impressive. Now it’s just stupid impressive. Other than my Retin-A, I haven’t seen results like this before in my beauty regimen. Yes, other things help, but this is NOTICABLE. These are also your own lashes so you aren’t limited to the constraints that accompany extensions or false lashes. They will shed at a normal rate, so even if you stop using it, it’s not like they automatically all fall out. They will gradually fall out at a normal pace- just like normal lashes. I also noticed that my lashes are curled all the time without me actually doing anything!

So if you can stomach the $150 price tag (it lasts 6 months) you need this in your life.

Here’s the before:

Here is the photos 4 months after:

( I showed pictures with mascara because it does tend to turn lashes a darker shade, but not MINE!)

ALSO, Rodan + Fields is having a special that is you order a regimen- you get 20% off the regimen AND Lash Boost. Redefine, Soothe, Unblemish or Reverse.

Disclaimer: Although Lash Boost was provided to me as a gift, I was NOT compensated in any way for a post, review, etc. Ha, I think they just knew I’d love it and tell you about it regardless. Good bet. All opinions are my own. Additionally, I am purchasing a tube now before I run out!

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