This week has been fantastic! I hope you’ve had a great week too- but if you haven’t, I hope you have a lovely weekend!

There is something about a weekend. I love the freshness it brings to the (sometimes) monotony of the week. I’m especially excited for this weekend because it’s my sister’s BIRTHDAY!!! We’re having a party at my parent’s house on her actual birthday on Saturday and then she and I get to hang out Sunday too! Bonus!

In case you can’t tell, I adore my sister. I love my brothers too, mind you, but I am eternally thankful for a sister. Especially one who watches my son all the time so I can have peace of mind while I’m out trying to accomplish things (he shares my love for her). So happy birthday to Abbie!

On to favorites that aren’t my sister- (haha!) I have been loving this backpack. No, I’m not bringing back the 90’s baby backpack trend (I still can’t deal with that), but I am investing in one to take on toddler outings. The Zoo, Children’s Museum, etc, all require me carrying an assortment of toddler accouterments. This backpack is a lifesaver. It’s cute, incredibly sturdy- yet light, and under $15. It has pockets for everything, cup holders (I feel like I’m describing a car), and even has a laptop pocket on the inside. I love it and we’ve taken it all over the place this week and I’m sold. It’s great. Also, it doesn’t look like I’m headed off to school, so I appreciate that.

It’s fall baking time and I’m about to start my yearly cinnamon roll tradition. Would you guys like the recipe? It’s a family one- and it’s pretty great. Not too sweet, not too meh. No added frills/oddities like nuts or raisins. If you would like a post on that, I can do one for you and share the love! (I also have a pretty tasty apple pie recipe too!)

Speaking of food I can’t say no to, this salsa recipe is amazing. I will eat an entire cup of it. In one sitting. By myself. Also, it’s super easy to make.

In case you missed it, I post my Rodan + Fields Lash Boost review on the blog this week. Spoiler alert: it’s amazing.

Below are the sale alerts for the upcoming weekend. I just wanted to remind you that the BEST TIME TO BUY NEW WARDROBE ITEMS IS LABOR DAY WEEKEND. Sorry for shouting, but legitimately, the sales are great that weekend- so start looking over your closet to see what gaps you have or what items you’be been wanting to purchase. Have a lovely weekend, friends!!


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