Why hello, Monday. I see you over there with some sort of nefarious plan to start my week off on the wrong foot. I hate to break it to you, but today is great. It’s going to be great. The only downside to today is the fact that I’m covered in mosquito bites. No, really. Check out my arm – right above my elbow. I have 15 other matching bites all over. Four of which are conveniently located on my ankle- so when I walk, they get irritated and itch.

In order to NOT hate the following weeks/months outside, I purchased this mosquito repellant tiki torch/lantern thing from Lowes on sale. I’ll let you know how that goes. Hopefully successful, because I love being outside when it starts to cool down. These insects are really putting a damper on my fall excitement.

And we all know that messing with my love of all things fall is punishable by death. Ok, so only for bugs. Everyone else I’m good with staying alive. 😉

Ok, back to the clothes. The top and bag are both from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – and bring different skills to my wardrobe arsenal. I love the structure of the bag and the neutral color really makes this a staple in my closet. The top is adorable but extremely well-priced, so it won’t be a bad investment a few years in the future.

Style Rule:

Spend more money on basics, always. A coat. Good jeans. A little black dress. Those are worth the investment.

Fast fashion- the trendy “of the moment” items you see that are good for a season or two may be cute, but not worth as much, so they should be a smaller investment.


If you haven’t seen people wear them in the past or can’t imagine wearing it in 5 years, I wouldn’t spend the money on it. Closet space is limited, use it wisely. 

photos: Jacque, Inc

I really do love how casual this look is, but still has a bit of sophistication. The choker necklace is a favorite of mine and I’m so glad I found one under $50! The earrings are Target, and the jeans are Gap. I try to pull things from lots of different places to show you can build a look from what is in your closet. If you ever have questions about wardrobe updates or closet clean outs, let me know! Have a great week!

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