It’s Friday! Time to round up my favorites!

First up: WE HAVE WALLS!! I mean, no ceilings, but I have WALLS!!!! The guys are taking forever to frame out our house (even the builder admitted it’s taking too long), so I’m enjoying the view while I can. (Can we talk about how pretty the sky was? This is zero filter and editing. Absolutely glorious.)

I’ve been baking up a blueberry muffin storm in our house as of late and really want to try this recipe.

Target has the cutest polka dot blouse from their Who What Wear line. And it’s under $25!

If you have oily skin, this moisturizer is fantastic. I’ve been through 2 bottles already and just got my third. I wear it every day regardless of if I wear makeup or not. I love it and it’s the perfect balance of hydrating (my skin dries out) and oil balancing throughout the day.

Ok, so don’t hate me, but I may not do the white house. I think we might do navy. I know, I know. The more I think about the practicality of a white home in a new development with dirt and dust for years… and cobwebs. Yikes. I wanted navy originally, but then decided on white, but just changed my mind. Yesterday. 

So let’s hope my builder lets me do navy! Or our HOA. On a positive note, Ian’s on board!! Honestly, he’s been awesome with decisions regarding the house. And apparently is ok with me painting our entire house blue.

Typing this all out makes me sound crazy. Greeeaaaaat.

Lol, so that’s my craziness for the week. 😉 On to normal stylist advice- THIS IS THE WEEKEND TO SHOP! If you have anything you need to replace in your closet or have been wanting to get- now is the time. Seize the day! Carpe diem the clothes!!!

The major retailers have the best sales typically, so I usually start with them. Also, there is usually an additional discount on sale merchandise- so look there first! Dresses, skirts, blouses, and sandals are usually a great bet this time of year.

Happy shopping and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!!


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