Happy Friday! Welcome to my office! Ha, well, the side of it. In “fun house news” our second story started going up today! Hooray! Earlier this week we were able to hang out in our front yard with our neighbors- which was super fun. The families on both sides of us have small kids, and Alexander was already talking about his “new friends” after we spent some time together.

Ok, so this week was a Target week (meaning I did some online shopping). Here’s the deal, if your guy needs a casual style upgrade- check out the new dude line Goodfellow & Co. I approve of all of it. Granted, just like with style for ladies- not every item is for everyone. Keep that in mind if you (or he- more likely) sees something that might look horrible. Honestly, I love it. LOVE IT. Target is killing it with the new clothing lines. Style this great does not normally come with these price tags.

If you don’t care about guy style, I got this cute skirt from Target as well as these mules and these boots. Ok, yes, the boots are CRAZY with a capital “c,” but if I can’t buy brocade ankle boots and find a place to wear them- WHO AM I??? Kidding, but seriously, I’m cracking up- they’re just so ridiculous.

I’m making green smoothies for myself in attempts to get more veggies into my daily diet, but so far Alexander won’t touch them. He’ll drink a green machine smoothie from Naked juices, but not mine. If any of you have any kid friendly (read: sweater) recipes, let me know. So far I’ve been adding fruit to Greek yogurt and spinach and I think it’s great. Based on the advice from several friends, I got a Magic Bullet and will try that moving forward. I’m nerdily excited about this. Lol. #momlife

If you missed it, I have a coupon for you if you wanted $20 off the Rothy’s shoes I was talking about. (Well, any Rothy’s, not just the ones I purchased.)

OH!!!! I forgot to mention that I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. ON Labor Day. (A day early, like a rebel.) It was … not life-altering. Perhaps I need more pumps of the pumpkin spice. Or add whipped cream. Not bad, mind you, but not like fall kicked me in the teeth like my chai tea. I like my seasonal beverages like I like my holidays – strong with just the right amount of crazy. 😉

On that weird note, I bid you adieu. Happy Friday friends!

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