Target is seriously upping their shoe game, people. LOOK AT THESE BOOTS! I wore them on Wednesday and (no kidding) I had people stopping me on the streets asking me where I got them. Hilariously, every. single. one said: “Target?!?! REALLY???” I said the same thing.

They’re pretty stinking comfortable too, due to the block heel. If you wanted some fun and unique boots, these are totally worth the money.

While I’m on the subject of Target, did you know they have a monthly beauty box for $7? It’s like Birchbox, but drugstore brands and it’s a pretty great deal. Also, you don’t have to sign up to get one as a monthly service- you just log online and order one if you see one you like! (In September they have two.) I am a fan of this because I know a fair amount of women love the idea of a beauty box service, but don’t really want samples of things that will cost $30+ each in full sizes. With this option, if you like something, it won’t break the bank to repurchase once it runs out! I ended up stopping my Birchbox subscription because I usually only liked 1 out of the 7 things they sent, and it wasn’t worth the $20.

I’ve waxed poetically about my love for paper goods and school supplies and as an adult, I’ve found a way to feed that love. PLANNERS. I’ve had an Erin Condren planner, an Emily Ley planner, Filofax’s, etc, and my love is ever evolving. I now am infatuated with this 2018 Weekly Simplified Planner in Happy Stripe. #swoon If you haven’t had an Emily Ley planner before, I highly recommend them.

If you need pens to go along with your planner (as you do, of course,) I would suggest these. They’re beautiful, they don’t bleed, and I love the colors. Pens and markers take me to a happy place in case you can’t tell. I’m like Meg Ryan from You’ve Got Mail with the pencils. (On a weird note- the listing says one set, $16.57… two sets, $78.22. Haha, WHAT?!?!?! There are some math shenanigans right there.)

On a “don’t waste your time” note, I got the Gap’s new Sculpt Denim and it got a whopping “meh” from me. Basically, it’s the exact same thing as their 360-stretch jeans, but with a higher waist. Not life-changing good. Not bad, but don’t pay full price for them.

Ok, I’m off to have a relaxing and hopefully restful weekend, because I’m going to be going nonstop as of Monday- for basically a month. Alexander’s birthday is next Saturday (after a huge blog project up in KC next week) on top of a charity shopping event I’m helping with before the birthday party. Following that, I launch into Kansas City Fashion Week and this amazing fashion show I’m MC’ing for Cricket Alley Ministries in the middle of October- check it out here.


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