Happy Friday! Grab a cup of tea or coffee and join me for some favorites and a house update!

I’ve been wearing these adorable statement earrings from Target constantly, and I love them!!! At $15 they’re totally worth it!

A beauty secret of mine has always been a light brown eyeliner. It helps give my dark eyes dimension but doesn’t weigh them down like the intensity of a dark brown or black would. This exact liner is my absolute favorite. I use the shade Roast Coffee and anytime you see me and my eyes look bigger than normal- I probably have this on. You can also get this shade from Stila, but I seem to be allergic to it- my eyes always itch! It’s a pity because the formula from Stila stays on SO WELL! It’s flattering with all eye colors, so try it! Currently, I’m on the hunt for a favorite drugstore version, so stay tuned!

I’m the emcee for this fashion/shopping event on Oct. 24th! I’m so excited! These are some amazing non-profits and I’m so excited to be a part of it! Grab some friends and come hang out, shop, and support some great causes! The girls we work with will actually be there for you to meet and talk to, which I love. These young ladies are truly amazing.

Our house color was approved!!!! (Insert me doing a happy dance.) We also got windows, doors, and garage doors this week! We were supposed to get a roof too, but it rained all week and obviously, it’s not safe for the guys to be up there in the rain. So if you’re keeping a tally, the framing took longer than planned and thus has pushed everything back. The end of January completion date is looking unrealistic, BUT I’ll be happy to have a new home regardless, so staying positive.

I’m in laundry room planning mode!! On that note, our dryer is on the fritz and reminded me of the furnace from Home Alone. It was AGGRESSIVE. Lol, needless to say I called Ian at work and said “well… uh… so, our dryer is about to die and we probably need a new one. And no, I didn’t sabotage it.” HA!!! He didn’t believe me, because it was only making the noise during the day, not at night. Of course. I finally recorded it.

Also, the handle of the oven fell off while I was baking brownies and that LITERALLY makes the oven fall open. The front part of the door separates from the back part and I had to put a chair in front of it to keep it closed. Le sigh. Luckily we found the screws and washers and reattached the door- after a thorough cleaning. This week and last week have been NUTS. I am thankful for this weekend.

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