I am so excited it’s Friday because today and tomorrow are packed with some really fun activities! Today I’m headed to the Junior League Holiday Galleria with a friend to do some pre-Christmas shopping. If you haven’t been before, I would highly recommend it. It’s a wonderful event and JLW does some amazing things in the community.

Tomorrow I’m actually going Mini Cooper autocross racing. YES! I’m harnessing my inner Charlize Theron from The Italian Job. It’s come up a few times, but Ian and I have always loved racing and cars and we’re highly competitive when it comes to this type of thing. If you want to give it a try– there are a few spots left! It’s $10 and you get to pick your 1-hour slot. It’s like go-carts, but cooler, safer, and faster. 😉 The second the dealership sent the email announcing the event I called Ian and signed up. SO EXCITED. I really need to beat Ian. No, seriously.

Saturday night we’re doing our annual family bonfire out on my cousin’s property. We’ve been doing this almost a decade now and I absolutely love it. We used to bring the dogs because they love to run around in the woods- but now when there is fire + toddler around, we nix the dogs so we can focus on keeping Alexander safe. This is also where we go for doggie play dates because they have a lot of land and two adorable Australian Shepherds. Our dogs are always wiped when we come home from their house.

So that is my weekend of fun! I’m so excited!!!

On to the favorites. Bath and Body Works is my go-to for candles and I discovered two new scents, which I am completely obsessed with. (This one and this one.) I still love Leaves, but I swear I feel like the scent gives me heartburn. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wax melt, a candle or a Wallflower- I always get that weird feeling in the back of my throat. So weird. Pretty sure candles can’t give you acid reflux, so I have no idea what that’s about.

I tried the Hourglass foundation! Pros: mattifying, beautiful coverage, oil control. Cons: expensive, it feels almost drying at first, and I don’t think it does everything it claims to. A 1 oz tube is a whopping $56 and I think the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet is just as good and is $41. (Chanel, Giorgio Armani, and YSL are even pricier.) Yes, they are high end foundations, so the price is steep, but I don’t love it enough to justify that.

My favorite lip balm of all time (I use it every. single. night before bed.) is on sale!

If you aren’t ready to get rid of summer yet- get a Starbucks Teavana Passion Fruit iced tea with lemonade and no sweetener. They’re AMAZING.

Ok, I’m off to SHOP!!!!! Watch my IG stories this weekend!!!

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