We’ve all been there. We have a cute shirt that we want to wear, but it’s going to be cold outside and we don’t want to throw a coat on over our look. Welcome to invisible layering. Invisible layers are those you add underneath your clothes to keep you warm without changing the dynamic of the cute exterior.

My favorite item to use for invisible layers is the fleece or thermal tank top. It’s exactly as it sounds, it’s a tank top made to layer underneath a top to keep you warm. This is similar to wearing a vest on the outside of your look because keeping your core warm really helps control the temperature of the rest of your body.

Other ideas are long underwear or my favorite cold weather workout tops and leggings. I can’t tell you how many sporting events I’ve been to with Under Armour cold gear leggings under my jeans and the matching long sleeve top under my shirt. Any “cold weather” workout gear is specifically designed to keep heat in, just as the “hot weather” wicks moisture and lets air through to cool you down. It really does matter which one you choose.

I love the idea of invisible layering because these cute sleeves would have been lost under a jacket. If I wanted even a bit more warmth, I could layer a vest over the top. 

These boots are new and on SUPER SALE. I can’t get over how much I love them. Frye boots are incredibly well made, but not the most cost-effective. When I saw that they were on such a huge sale, I had to get them. I’ve worn them every day it drops below 70 degrees here (although right now the forecast is 80+ this week- blah). If you wanted a new fall bootie, I would highly recommend these.

Photos: Jacque, Inc.

My last tip is to try to avoid layering under tight clothing. For example- had this been a fitted shirt, they layering underneath would show easier and make you look bigger, and most people don’t want that. Opt for looser shirts and pants if you plan on trying this! If you have any question about invisible layering, feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to answer them! (Also, Spanx count as invisible layering too. If you have to wear a dress in cooler weather, wear the Spanx or even double up on them! Trust me, it helps keep you MUCH warmer.)

Last week the linkup was a Free Day and we each picked a favorite from those of you who linked up! Fun fact, TWO of the three ladies we selected are from Kansas City! As you know, this week is KC Fashion Week and I’m so excited to head up to see all of my favorite ladies! Last week we loved the looks from Shauna at Lipgloss and Lace, Ashley from Le Stylo Rouge, and Amy Ann from Straight A Style! Thanks for the awesome looks ladies, keep it up!

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