Ok, so it’s Sunday, not Friday. This week has been a bit nutso, so here I am with a Friday post on a Saturday. I’m a rebel. 😉 Regardless, we all know I couldn’t resist the urge to get a shot in front of the striped walls in our hotel (The Fontaine- it’s lovely, btw). I need a striped wall in the Douglas Design District, so will someone please explain to me how that happens? Can I make that a reality? #TeamStripes

If you didn’t know, my friend Meeghan and I went to Kansas City Fashion Week together on Thursday night. We drove up that day after lunch, got stuck in traffic, barely made it to our hotel to get ready and raced off to Union Station in KC for the shows. We ended up getting there early so Jason could take our pictures (those coming soon) so we sat down and got acquainted with my new phone. I have no idea what I’m doing. 

More about the shows later, but here are my Friday Sunday Favorites!

The iPhone 8. I really do love it, BUT I was convinced to get the 8+ the day my 8 arrived because I have tiny hands and it’s going to get dropped all the time, so I might as well get the better cameras. So the 8 is going back, and the 8+ I’m picking up. I had the old iPhone SE (which is the software of a 6 in the body of the 5). I’m going to get a ridiculous pop socket thing because I’ll drop that sucker 10x a day if not.

Volumizing hair dust. Any brand is great, I used this one from Ulta that my sweet cousin Staci gave me years ago. It’s the only thing that will hold the body in my hair. The only downside is that it feels suuuuuuuper dirty when you use it, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

My husband. Shout out to the man that dealt with a 105 toddler fever like a CHAMP when I was in KC and the swarm of our family (grandpa, Spencer, my mom) that all helped take care of Alexander while I was gone. The poor sweet kid has a virus, a horrible cough, and a nasty fever. Ian waited until I called him at 10  after the KCFW shows to tell me because he “didn’t want to spoil my fashion evening” and also because he can handle this just as well as I can. My husband is pretty fantastic. I love that man. (So does our son, he’s OBSESSED with daddy these days.) Alexander STILL has a fever today, but it’s 100.5 and the cough is super horrible. Headed back to the doctor tomorrow.

Banana Republic is KILLING it in the sweater department. Here are my 4 favorites I just picked up today:

White Fluffy (It’s SO fluffy!!!) | Burgundy Ruffle Cuff | Green Boatneck Back Tie | Oatmeal Mock-Neck Top

Legitimately, I love all 4. I put them on IG Stories so you could see what they look like actually ON me. The fluffy one looks like a muppet in the best way possible and also comes in navy. The green and the burgundy both come in a myriad of colors, so go as basic or bright as you like! The mock-neck comes in a gray plaid which is also fantastic. The moral of this story is “NEW ARRIVALS ARE CUTE!” I haven’t even touched the cute new skirts they have or the blazers. Swoon.

Ok, this favorites post is getting crazy long, so I’ll put my KCFW favorites in my post this week along with full outfit details!

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