I’ll let you all in on a secret: the real reason I wear knee-high boots is so that I can sport snowboarding socks underneath. That, or *gasp* white athletic socks! Shock! Horror! I know, I know, but I have ALWAYS done this and will always continue to do so because it’s comfortable and warm! Running shoes and sneakers aren’t warm enough for me when the temps drop and I have the worst circulation in my legs (thanks for those genes, dad, lol), so my feet are in a constant state of frigid from November until basically April. I solve this by wearing boots with comfy and warm socks.

Speaking of comfy and warm- can we talk about the BEST and coziest fleece turtleneck ever?!?! I heard about Dudley Stephens from blogger friends on the East Coast and I can see why they all love them! This turtleneck comes in quite a few color options and they have other silhouettes if you’re not a turtleneck person. I fit in the XS (this is actually an XS) but if you want a little more room in the bust or shoulders I would size up. I love that it’s so warm and it doesn’t feel like a sporty turtleneck. This can be worn with jeans and totally looks chic and put together.

These earrings were a gift from Baublebar to promote their Sugarfix collaboration with Target. The white 3-ball statement earrings I wear constantly are from that line and I love them. These aren’t as heavy as you would think and I really enjoy the injection of style it adds to an outfit. 

Photos: Jacque, Inc.

Turtleneck | Jeans | Boots | Watch | Earrings

I’ve been eyeing the Dudley Stephens blazer and that might be next on the purchase list. Someone stop me, I’m in full cold weather shopping mode!!

I don’t know about you, but this cooler weather makes me want to wear weekend casual gear all week long. I love the looks that Michelle and Ana Luiza put together! Those moto pants are SO CUTE and I love the laid back trench and stripes! Weekends are the best and these styles are so versatile!

Our favorites from last week’s link up are Rachel from A Blonde’s Moment, Brooke from Pumps and Pushups, and Andrea from Living on Cloud Nine. We loved your looks ladies!

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