So, figuring out what to wear ended up being more obnoxious than I’d like. Nothing fit the way I wanted it to and I ended up throwing up my hands and going with this. I tell you this, because even stylists have days where they look at their closets and throw up their hands in frustration. Haha, it doesn’t happen very often, but it still does. Luckily, almost anything goes at KCFW so if you’re planning on attending next time- don’t stress out! This outfit was pulled straight out of my closet and I love each individual item as well as the cohesive look! Here is the link to everything I’m sporting:


The shows Thursday night were great, and If you followed along on my IG Stories you were able to see full collections on the runway. Here are a few of my favorites (click the tumbnail to view larger):

I think this is such a fantastic experience and love that Kansas City has something like this in addition to the fact that they do it WELL. Many thanks to the team that put this together 2x a year with such class and attention to detail. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of it and spreading the KCFW love! Fall/Winter ’18 will be in the spring, so get excited and come join me!!

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