The weather craziness continues here in Kansas! I keep laughing at the forecast because it starts the day off cool and is up above 75+ in the afternoon. This basically means I have to either layer a LOT or change outfits halfway through the day. This upcoming Friday it will (allegedly) drop to below 50 and snow. Haha, in my part of the world, this forecast either makes people cheer or cry. We’re real emotional about our weather here. 😉

So before I lose the chance to wear cute blouses without a heavy coat over them, I thought I would share one of my new favorites! I’m not normally a huge floral person because I always feel like the prints remind me of a couch upholstery you’d find in a retirement home. (For the record, we had a navy floral print couch in our sunroom growing up- so it always conjures memories of that.) Additionally, florals tend to be pink more often than not, and I don’t do a lot of pink regardless in my wardrobe. In attempts to branch out of my *cough*stripes*cough* style comfort zone, I picked up this adorable blouse and plan to wear it as you see here with jeans- or paired with a pencil skirt and blazer. Additionally, I’m still LOVING my Rothy’s. They’re basically the only shoe I wear daily and I’ve loved the ability to throw them into the washing machine if something happens. (By “something” I usually mean “toddler,” but I did step directly in a puddle once at night.) I find them to be comfortable, but they aren’t the shoe I would wear to physically chase Alexander around. They’re not a running type of shoe, so if you need quick bursts of speed, I’d stick with sneakers. For everything else- I’ll still be choosing Rothy’s. 

Photos: Jacque, Inc.

This shirt is over 50% off and the jeans are under $40- so if you’re a fan of bargains- hop on it!

On to the link-up! Check out Michelle’s gorgeous red shoes!! And Ana Luiza’s beautiful handbag! These two ladies always make me want to shop because they find the CUTEST stuff!!

Last week the link-up theme was weekend favorites and I am LOVING these leggings that Maggie from Polished Closets. Yes, I know, leggings, but they’re AMAZING!!!! Also, these pink mules from Bridget over at Bridget on a Budget are swoon-worthy.


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