This week has been a doozy and it’s only Wednesday. As many of you know from my Instagram stories- I’ve been sick. The preschool germs caught up with Alexander and subsequently, Ian and I. The entire family is down for the count. Luckily, I have antibiotics to help speed up the process, but Ian is being stubborn and suffering through it. (Against my advice, mind you.)

Last night I was blessed to be the emcee for the fashion show at the Cricket Alley Ministries event. It was held at a local event space (Abode) and featured several pop-up boutique shops with local vendors combined with amazing food. I forgot to eat, as you do when prepping to host, and then after it was all over my car wouldn’t start. I’d never had that happen before and the lights were flashing like a disco strobe. I joked with the guys that jumped it for me that my car might blow up because Linus (my car) was acting WEIRD.

I have pictures of me SOMEWHERE (we had a photographer for a local social magazine and one for Crickey Alley) so, I will post them once I have them. In case you weren’t aware, Cricket Alley Ministries are basically a closet on wheels serving women overcoming life crisis. We work with the women at Harbor House, a domestic violence shelter, and Carpenter Place- a home for girls. It’s a food truck- but with clothes! 

I loved getting to emcee the fashion show and we all had such a great time! Thanks to everyone that came out! I’ll share a quick cell phone pic from last night. (I’m hiding back behind the microphone.)

More pictures soon, but in the meantime, I’ll be over here napping. #wiped

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