Whelp, I may change the house color. Yes. Welcome to the ridiculousness my poor builder is dealing with. So, the picture above is a digital rendering of a stock photo. Not my actual house. This is Wolf Gray from Benjamin Moore. White was nixed because we have iron in the well water that will stain the house. Yikes. The navy was vetoed because the sides of the house (all two stories of them) looked bare and super dark. A literal punch to the face with all of that siding. I’ve settled on this look with white trim. And by “settled” I mean I still have 3 weeks to hem and haw and change my mind again 80 times. 😉

Ian just laughs and legitimately doesn’t care. The man is a saint, I tell you.

I’ve been crazy busy with landscaping/fencing bids and trying to sort all of this out is just time-consuming. I learned what a “good neighbor” fence is- which previously I had never heard of, so there’s that. Our neighborhood allows wrought iron or wood fencing- which oddly enough price out the same. We’re getting a wood privacy fence so the dogs are 100% enclosed in the yard.

Speaking of dogs, Luna Bear has an immune disorder! Poor sweet baby! If you follow along on my Instagram Stories- you’ve heard about the constant drama of her being at the vet and we finally figured out what was wrong! So now we get to do some rounds of steroids combined with meds and bloodwork every few months to get her healthier. So glad we figured it out! On a funny note, she’s almost one and is officially a guard dog. That sweet baby knows who her family is and watches us like a hawk. If Alexander gets hurt she comes over with this concerned face and makes sure he’s ok. She also lets us know when people are here. 😉 We’ve always had labs, but I must say, Luna has SUCH a tender and sweet demeanor with us, I was so surprised!!! The only downside is that she sheds like a CRAZY PERSON. (Well, dog.)

On to the favorites! This belted sweater is my new favorite. YOU NEED THIS in your life. It’s on sale for $29 and comes in black, grey, burgundy and a camel. The fit is amazing, it’s incredibly soft, and the design is super chic. It doesn’t look or feel like it’s under $30. Go forth and purchase!! (It comes in sizes XXS – XXL so they will have your size!) Sorry for all of the exclamation points, but it’s amazing.

I have been dreaming of my new bathtub and as such, I have been loving these bath bombs from Lush. If you don’t want to pay for the price of Lush, I found these mini versions that I like as well.

Now that colder weather has arrived, my skin goes from crazy oily to crazy dry. I’ve been moisturizing my skin more, but I also need to exfoliate the dry skin off of my face more often than in the past. This $20 massaging facial cleanser (it’s a tool to be used with your favorite cleanser) helps keep the dry flaky skin at bay. Love it!

Ok, I’m off to go meet with landscapers this afternoon and to get a much-needed manicure from Courtney. This Saturday night our church is having a Trunk or Treat (which I think is so fun) and Sunday we’re headed over to our friend’s home for our annual pumpkin carving and chili. I adore this tradition and we’ve been doing it 5 or 6 years now. Their daughter is Alexander’s age and he just loves to see her. They’ve been buddies since they were too tiny to understand. Haha, I love it.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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