It finally feels like fall!! I am a huge fan of all things of all things cool weather, so here is my list of favorite things to do, eat/drink, and wear in this fall season!

To do:

Apple Picking: I know this seems like a super cheesy thing to do, but man, it’s so fun! I did this more on the east coast where apple picking and driving around to see foliage were incredibly common- but I love that I can do it here in Kansas too! Locally the Wichita Mom’s Blog did a round-up of all the places you can go to pick your own fruit, but you can always google “Apple Picking Near Me” and find a local place for yourself!

Foliage Sightseeing: I love a good mini road trip, and driving through the countryside to look at leaves may sound ridiculous, but one of my favorite memories in DC was going throughout Virginia horse country looking at the leaves changing colors. We went antiquing in small towns, ate at a lovely cafe and made our way through a corn maze. Such a fantastic time with great memories. 

To Eat/Drink:

Drink Cider: Almost every state has locally grown/pressed cider and I personally have been hooked on Louisburg cider since I was a child. If you want to feel extra fall-ish, add a whole cinnamon stick to your mug while you’re warming it up and leave the stick in there while you drink it. Trust me, it’s amazing. This also works in a crock pot if you’re having company over. Some people add red hot candies and a bit of cranberry juice to spice it up- but it’s perfect for a crowd!!

Eat Cinnamon Rolls: Fal is the time to bake. I love my family cinnamon roll recipe (coming soon!), but if you don’t have time for a long rising process, make these instead! They only take 50 min! They don’t involve yeast, so they’re a great intro to baking if you’re not accustomed to the joys and perils of yeast.

To Wear:

Hats: This is totally the time of year for a cute hat. I always love a good beanie and puffballs are my favorite way to add a bit of style to a basic This year fiddler/newsboy/baker boy caps are super popular as is the beret!

Slouchy Sweaters: This look isn’t as polished as a tailored sweater, but it exudes fall coziness. Almost any sweater can become the slouchy version of itself if you go a size bigger. My only caution is to not choose a tight turtleneck- a cowl neck looks better because it is meant to be slouchy- whereas a turtleneck can feel weird. If the sleeves are too long, just roll them up!

Cozy Throws: I know this isn’t technically something you wear, BUT I’m obsessed with cuddling up under a good throw blanket with a cup of cider or tea and watching football with Ian, or reading/looking at magazines on the couch. I’m always cold, so this a must have in my house! Additionally, this is a FANTASTIC gift to give someone for the holidays. It’s on the top of my list of gift giving ideas.

I love fall because of the fashion (hello jackets and boots!), but I also love that it’s cozy without being too cold AND there’s no holiday stess yet. Take the time to step back, relax and enjoy this beautiful time of year!!

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