Happy Friday! Last night I finally finished my Magnolia book (by Chip and Joanna Gaines) and how fortuitous because today they filmed the last episode of Fixer Upper EVER! *sniff sniff* On a positive note, their line for Target launches ON SUNDAY!!! Get excited and prepare for me to have the entire collection as my “favorites.” If you want to see the entire collection complete with styling tips from Jo- check it all out here. Also, in a hilarious effort to help raise money for St. Jude, Chip has said that the more money donated by viewers to the hospital will correlate to how short he cuts his hair. Lots of money = buzz cut. LOL. Brilliant, and I hate his hair long, and also love St. Jude, so it’s a win all the way around!!

Halloween was super fun for my family earlier this week! Alexander and Ian went at Maverick and Goose from Top Gun- with Ian fully committing to his costume and shaving his beard down to a mustache. Y’all, I couldn’t take him seriously. I made him shave it off that night when we got home! Haha! I was going to be Kelly McGillis from the film, but it was so cold and I just decided to go as a French lady. 

I was actually pretty warm with the hat and scarf on! Those French women know what they’re doing! Something I noticed when I was in France- unless it’s bitter cold, the women would just wear a heavier scarf in lieu of a coat. So interesting. I mentioned that to my aunt who lived there and she echoed my observations and just said it’s a French thing. Who knew? Legitimately, if you’re cold, wear a heavy scarf. You’ll be surprised how toasty warm you get!

Ok, now I have a serious question for you all. Do you want Christmas gift guides BEFORE Thanksgiving so you can shop over Black Friday weekend? Or hold all gift ideas until AFTER the holiday? I personally like to shop early or at least have a game plan for what I’m going to get everyone. If that’s offensive, haha, I won’t post them early, but I’m feeling motivated to get things done earlier this year!

On that same note, I’m going to start decorating for Christmas early (as you do when you have photoshoots, lol. So if you want any decor ideas or just want a list of where I find stuff- I can always help you out! For example, I wanted really pretty White Birch logs for our fireplace for display and I found some online here! They look lovely in our fireplace at the rental and then they’ll go on the front porch for decorations at the new house in January!

The last favorite is this lip stain/lip gloss duo from Target. Super cute. The stain isn’t super dark, and I love the overall berry color my lips have after I’ve applied both products. You get both the lip stain and gloss for $12 in a set. Totally worth it and I just leave it in my purse because it’s my go-to if I need something more than lip balm.

Ok, this is a rest and recoup weekend for me, so I’m going to try to be fairly low key. We’ll see how that goes. 😉 Nephew birthday party tonight, other nephew soccer game Saturday morning, and Thor on Sunday. I’ll be in bed all the rest of the time! Have a great weekend everyone!


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