It’s a dreary kind of day today, which is my favorite! Ian and I were driving to go shoot this outfit and he commented that it was a very “London” kind of day. I agree! Normally on this type of day, I would be wearing a coat, but I wanted for you to actually be able to see this dress.

I love that it’s velvet with bell sleeves! I wanted an excuse to wear my polka dot tights and ankle boots, but it’s more versatile than you’d think, so here are a few other ways to wear it:

This dress would be perfect for a holiday party because it’s not too tight and it falls right in between the fancy/casual spectrum. You can dress it up or keep it more casual- but either would work! I’ll keep posting ideas for holiday party looks for the rest of the month!  Our favorites from last week Halloween favorites were Shauna from Lipgloss and Lace, Emma from Style Splash, and Rachael from Threads for Thomas. Thanks for linking up ladies!!!

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