Fa la lalala la la la la! Kidding, it’s not Christmas yet, but the gift guides are coming fast and furious because so many of you asked for them early. Heads up, the less expensive gifts (like these under $25 options) sell out the fastest. So if you have some people to purchase gifts for in this price range- grab them now.

Here are just a few of my favorites under $25.

I have so many ideas for this price range, so if I have time I may do round two of this gift guide in December. But seriously, the small things sell out quickly. Also, there are endless adorable possibilities on Etsy, but you need to order NOW to get them in time. Keep in mind shipping takes longer than normal because of the volume getting shipped out this time of year. So if I can instill anything in you from this post- BUY THE SMALLER ITEMS NOW. I always can use an extra $10 gift around the house because there is always someone I forget to shop for.

Also, never underestimate the awesomeness of a Starbucks gift card in a mug for a quick gift! If you still want me to do another gift guide in this price range, let me know!

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