Hi everyone and happy Friday! Last weekend we went to Missouri for a weekend vacation to head to Silver Dollar City (a small amusement park) that has one of the largest Christmas lights display in the nation. So very cool and Alexander loved it! 

I also got to spend some time with my sister and her family- which always makes my heart full. As most of you know, she and her family lived in Colorado for 16 years and I didn’t love that she was 8 hours away. Now that we’re in the same city I get to do all sorts of fun things with her and it’s so lovely to be able to pop over to say hi- or meet at our parent’s house for family dinners. 

Now that the weather has cooled down (well… sort of, it’s like 65 degrees today), the trees have all changed colors and lost their leaves, it feels like it’s time for Thanksgiving which is SIX days away. Tell me that doesn’t feel crazy soon. Eek!! Normally we host Thanksgiving at our house, but since we’re in a rental, mom will be doing it. I’m so excited to be able to host Thanksgiving NEXT year in the new house!!!

Speaking of which, so much has happened in the house. The cabinets have arrived and the trim carpenters are working away on all of those details I’m so excited about- like the floor to ceiling bookcases in what will be the library. I’ve always been obsessed with books and I cannot wait to have an entire wall of them! (It’s like Belle in Beauty and the Beast but waaaaaaay smaller.)

Here’s the bookcases in the living room (not the library):

I wanted a bit of detailing, but not a ton, so I’m pleased with how this turned out! The fireplace needs wood trim and stone on it still, but we’ve reached the fun period of housebuilding! The not fun accompanying overages are fairly stressful, but it is what it is.

On to favorites! I’ve started planning my Beauty Room/Office and I need your opinions. I used Modsy’s design service and I have two room options. Tell me which one you like better.

Room 1

Or Room 2:


On to actual favorites:

These pajamas from Fixer Upper’s Chip and Jo are INSANELY soft and comfortable.

If you need a new lip balm to try, this tinned version of a favorite is beautiful and not expensive!

If you want to try “Boyfriend Jeans” but feel like you have a droopy bottom, try these! They’re 40% off now and will be 50% on Black Friday!

Love, love, love, love this wrap sweater!

On an odd note, I love pizza rolls (the microwave kind) and Amy’s has some that have un-cured pepperoni in them, so I feel better about giving them to Alexander. I know it’s a random favorite, but it is nonetheless, a favorite.

I’m so excited to try this one-skillet lemon parmesan chicken this weekend! It looks delicious!

Ok, I’m off to go look at house color swatches on my home! Wish my luck!

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